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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 29, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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they are important to watch. some say they are often dull that happens, you know. >> one woman wrote in and said she would like to get her wedding ring back. >> did she lose it? >> made a good point, what's the back story. >> we need more than 14 characters. thanks for watching i'm alisyn camerota. >> have a great afternoon. here is gretchen on "the real story." >> thanks, guys. today on "the real story" is it legal for the president to use the power of his pen and go around congress on everything from the minimum wage to nsa? a slew of republicans now suing the administration. plus hundreds of sick passengers on the explorer of the seas just docked in jersey. we'll get one woman's high seas horror story. she'll join us live. football legend terry bradshaw joins us to talk about jonathan martin's explosive new interview, the super secret nfl cheerleader handbook and, of coursish the big game coming up. we start today with fox news
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alert. hello, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." freezing rain and snow shutting down the highways in atlanta. many abandoning their cars and walking miles to shelters. the city not prepared to deal with this. metro atlanta, get this, has just 40 snowplows and 30 sand trucks to treat over 8,000 square miles. compare that to metro shia city very accustomed to surviving severe winter weather, they have almost 300 plow trucks and over 10,000 square miles. the story in atlanta's airport, the busiest, almost a complete standstill. 1,000 flights canceled last night alone with ripple effects across the nation today. time to bring in our meteorologist. this is when you earn your pay,
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rick. how did this happen? it's so rare for this part of the country? >> this he gets snow across the south an ice storms across the south. as you said it, they don't have all the equipments. lets be honest, drivers aren't used to driving in it. there's a combination of things. the time lapse radar. around 8:00 in the morning, right around 10:30. the perimeter here this filled up around 10:30. there as guy named kevin olsen on twitter he compiled traffic. the green on the screen, everything looks good. at 12:15, everything is fine. at 1:00 government offices all closed and all the schools at the same time closed and everybody got out on the roads. you see by 1:15 there what the traffic was looking like. now, 24 hours after that you still see all of that red on that left side of your screen. that's not from new traffic out there on the interstates. people off the interstates and
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pretty much entire city closed down. those are for people who are still out on those roads 24 hours after this. gretchen, it's an incredible thing to see. i've never seen anything like this with one of these major metropolitan cities in the country. there you go. two inches of snow. this wasn't an ice storm. the roads do turn into ice. the cars, all that exhaust on the roads melts the snow very quickly especially on those interstates. then the temperatures were so low that it freezes quickly. the roads became icy, even though this wasn't an ice storm. this was a two inch ice storm in atlanta causing problems. >> unbelievable. rick, thanks so much. that was cool graphics as well. thanks so much. in a terrifying moments caught on camera, i-65, alabama, semitruck wiping out to avoid colliding with another wreck. look at that, spinning out across both lanes. one rig on the right jackknifed on the shoulder, its tail spilling into traffic.
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the other truck sliding out of control sending a wave of dirt and snow flying up as it swerved to a stop. no word if there are any injuries in that. there was a big rush on food and supplies at grocery stores people trying to stock up. my next guest got stug in atlanta, not because he wanted to shop but he ended up having to spend the night there. this is him using huggie's diapers for a pillow. matt joins us on the phone. matt, i understand you've made it home. your total trip including sleepover was 21 hours. >> yeah, 21 hours. gretchen, what rick mentioned earlier, this was not even on my radar, two inches, coming from the north, two inches of snow for me, i don't even think about that. just to see the exit 115 from my office was surprising. oh, my gosh, they aren't set up
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for this kind of level of traffic. >> we're loot at a picture right now where somebody is actually speaking on the lower level of the shelf. this puts a whole new meaning on sleeping in the airport. this looks much worse. tell us what the conditions were like inside this kroger store. how many people had to sleep over? were there kids? what did you guys do? >> there were children. there was probably about eight to ten children and they were all set up in the valentine's section, which i thought was funny. there's large teddy bears there. they took those quickly and nobody had teddy bears in the room. it was bad. those were the most priced items at kroger. they were larged, like human sized teddy bears. >> you didn't get one of those. you went for the huggie's. how comfortable was that on your head for seven or eight hours? >> it was great. i went up and down the aisle trying to figure out what would be the most comfortable. i stole it from another gentleman who had huggies, not wearing huggie's.
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i said, you know what, that's a great idea. >> when morning came and you all had made it through the night, who decided first they would try to go back on the roads? >> i actually didn't see anybody leaving when i left. i talked to one gentleman who said the roads -- he happened to be going the same way as me. he said he thought it was clear. that was all i needed. it was 9:00 a.m. and i was ready to go. i ended up taking his word for it and going for it. it only took an hour to go 10 miles, where yesterday it was seven hours -- ten hours to go seven miles. so it was quite a difference. >> matt, thanks so much for telling us your harrowing tale. that's a night you'll never forget. >> exactly. >> thanks, matt. take care. >> thanks. >> fox news alert for you now, president obama speaking. this is west mifflin, pennsylvania. he set the retirement policies in the state of the union last
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night. we'll stream the whole check it out. security, how safe we are from terrorists in this year, 2014. remember when president obama campaigned on the message osama bin laden is dead and al qaeda is on the run? turns out his own director of national intelligence doesn't quite see it that way now. james clapper telling congress today he can't say al qaeda poses any less of a threat than it did a decade ago. >> there are some five different franchises at least in 12 countries. the attraction of these fighters is very, very worrisome. i can't say the threat is any less. >> joining us now bret baier anchor of special report and state of the union last night, fresh off that. great to see you, brett. >> hi, gretchen. >> in light of the way i framed it at the beginning, you have president campaigning for re-election saying al qaeda is
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on the run. now you have james clapper saying exactly the opposite. which one are americans supposed to believe? >> it's pretty amazing. you've heard the president over the campaign as you mentioned. after that say al qaeda was decimated, on the run, all of these things. even in the state of the union address, he said that they made significant progress against core al qaeda. the administration has desperately tried to make this semantics issue between core al qaeda and the rest of al qaeda of the bottom line is that his director of national intelligence says the threat from al qaeda overall, he cannot say is less than it was a decade ago. that is really, really significant in context of those previous statements from president obama. >> no doubt. that makes us all think of pre9/11. we know what happened that day. he went on to say he cited five al qaeda franchises operating in 12 countries and potential for a new safe haven. a lot of people will be thinking
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about the wars we've been fighting there in iraq and afghanistan. in the meantime we have dia chief flynn, michael flynn, saying this about what this poses for members of our military. >> i think that the greatest cost that is unknown today but we will likely face is the cost in human lives on tomorrow's battlefield or in some place where we will put our military forces when we ask them to go in harm's way. >> cost of military lives, bret? how many lives have we lost as a result of this. to think we're back to square one, it's startling. >> it's alarming. if you listen to this whole hearing today, gretchen, you would be shocked, i think, by some of the things said on syria. the director of national intelligence says it is now a
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magnet for foreign fighters. he estimates extremists are upwards 100,000 in that country. some of them, one particular group wants to spin-off and attack the u.s. he's worried about foreign fighters in syria spinning off. he says al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan along the border were core al qaeda territory is on the rise and there's a safe haven there. the way they described it in this hearing, there is an explosion of al qaeda all over the middle east and throughout north africa. it is pretty scary to listen to this in contrast with what we've heard from the administration. >> no doubt. osama bin laden is dead but al qaeda apparently not on the run. bret baier, we'll be watching you tonight, special report. thanks so much. another fox news alert now because members of congress taking a much closer look at that massive consumer data breach involving the store
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target. we've just confirmed executives from the national retail chain have an update for lawmakers. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. mike, what's the breaking news on the target investigation? >> gretchen, good afternoon. i've confirmed through house oversight committee source they will have phone briefings with officials tomorrow at target about the breach that put some 40 million credit cards or other cards at risk and also the personal information of some 70 million other americans out there. so house oversight committee americans will have phone call. they will talk to the national association looking at retail data security. also today on capitol hill, attorney general eric holder made news on the target investigation. well, we generally do not discuss specific matters under investigation. i can confirm the department is investigating the breach involving united states retailer
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target. we are committed to working to find not only the perpetrators of these sorts of data breaches but also individuals and groups that exploit that data by credit card fraud. >> while the attorney general was up here talking about national security surveillance issues and the privacy concerns, balancing that with national security, some other topics came up including target, also the irs. not too many fireworks today. overall lawmakers asking a range of questions on a variety of topics that have been hot in the news. gretchen. >> mike emanuel. thanks so much for the roundup. thank you. >> remember that horrible asiana aircraft. some putting plame on victims themselves. we'll explain. hundreds of sick cruise ship passengers setting foot on dry land. how psyched are they to be doing that. what we know about the
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mysterious illness that caused them to come home and what made so many sick. vice president biden giving lots of standing os during the state of the union. other dems not quite so cheery about what the president had to say. our political panel with real talk on the reasons why. we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ mom? come in here. come in where? welcome to my mom cave. wow. sit down.
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welcome back. attorney releasing a new report on the deadly asiana airport crash last july. surprisingly put blame on passengers and flight attendant for not being buckled up when the plane crash landed. the plane contradicted a finding one witness survived the landing but was run over by a fire
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truck. san francisco suing saying she was falsely identified as the person responsible for that accident. you might expect the president's state of the union address to get a negative review from republicans but from members of his own party? it's happening. vulnerable democrats like mark prior, overall i'm disappointed with the president's state of the union address because he was heavy on receipt lick but light on specifics about how to move the country forward. at the same time harry reid encouraging democrats instead of running for cover when he comes to the state. ebony williams radio host, let me start with you. senator reid came out later on today and clarified his remarks saying it's up to each individual as to how they want to determine whether or not they want to campaign with the president. i'm here to tell you mary burk, a gubernatorial candidate in
11:18 am
wisconsin said she's too busy when he comes there. mark begich in alaska says i'm disappointed as well. there's his statement from the state of the union last night. who does want to campaign with the president right now if they are a democrat? >> well, here is the thing, gretchen. it's interesting four years ago, 2008, 2012, people were happen to ride the coattails of a popular obama. now that numbers dipped everyone seems to be running scared, running for cover. i don't fault politicians, they have to be concerned with what constituents are concerned with. we did see a statement too broad. the president was way too broad in his attempt to cover a million different topics rather than take time to be specific about a for you that would have resonated with the constituent groups you talked about. >> one of the things, brad, constituents across the country are talking about was obamacare. it took a huge chunk of time
11:19 am
when the president went there. when he did go there, he didn't address some of the bad things that are happening about it. >> obamacare as far as last night's state of the union was the 800 pound gorilla the president acted like wasn't there until he touched on it 40 minute into his speech. those democrats, in couple bandits seeking to be re-elected can't hide and say it's the president's fault. not one republican voted for obamacare, incumbents did. they have to stand on their own record, look them in the eye and tell them why they voted for obamacare. did they know president's lies perpetuated by them as candidates, didn't they know they couldn't keep their own doctor, it wasn't going to save them money, they weren't going to be able to keep their insurance? these are questions they have to answer. hiding behind the president isn't going to let them off the hook. >> they would have known that if they read the bill, a big thing. meantime vice president biden
11:20 am
making media rounds defending himself against bob gates book. one thing about this answer, whether or not he has aspirations to run for president of the united states the next time around. >> in my heart i'm confident that i could make a good president. it's a very different decision to decide whether or not to run for president. there's plenty of time. i've not made a decision to run. i've not made a decision not to run. >> ebony. >> he has to i that. he's sitting vice president of the united states. we know he threw his hat in the ring a couple of times to be at the top of the ticket. he has to say that. i do not believe we will actually see vice president biden making a concerted effort to be the nominee. i just cannot see that. >> brad. >> run, joe, run. he would be fantastic. i can't imagine him spending his entire public life seeking the presidency, not to seek it, especially when he's a second term vice president.
11:21 am
unless there's a health issue, i think joe biden most likely will very seriously join hillary clinton in the primaries. >> i was just going to say, brad, health issue or another, hillary, might get in the way. got to wrap it there. have a nice day. cruise ship nightmare, over 100 passengers back on dry land. we'll talk to one woman who fell ill and has quite a story to tell. olive garden making date night easier for parents. all right. they are offering free baby-sitting. we'll tell you where and when. what do you think about that? would free baby-sitting encourage you to go to the olive garden? tweet me and we'll read your comments at the end of the show. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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fox news alert, troubled cruise ship returning to new jersey early. hundreds of passengers and sick. the ship's medical team believes the norovirus caused the outbreak cutting short their ten-day trip to the caribbean. joining us by phone, jennifer esposito, one of the passengers that fell sick. hi. >> hi. >> you got sick last wen. what was it like? >> it was scary at first. i started experiencing terrible stomach pain, vomiting, diarr a diarrhea, terrible body aches. regular symptoms of a stomach virus. >> you thought appendicitis. >> right.
11:26 am
>> the captain came on. what did the captain say to all the passengers. >> the captain came on and said several people were experiencing symptoms i was experiencing. if anybody was experiencing that, they should get a complimentary checkup in the doctor's office. >> so about 600 people joined you in getting sick. you were down for the count for about three days, just in time to find out you were going home early, right? >> yes, unfortunately yes. much disappointment. it was really sad. we didn't get to enjoy as much of the ship as we wanted to or the islands we wanted to because everything was cut short. a lot of the activities on the cruise was canceled, some of the restaurants were canceled and shows were canceled. didn't feel like a vacation for us. >> is it true you are now being quarantined on the ship? has anyone left the ship as far as you know and do you have to stay on board now? >> i'm not sure if we're being
11:27 am
quarantined. as of right now, the board did dock. i don't know if they are quarantining anybody now. i've heard from other news stories that cdc and doctors once they get off the ship, they may -- i'm not 100% sure on that but that's what i've heard from other news reports. >> i bet you're glad to be home even though you didn't get to enjoy your vacation. thank you for sharing your story with us. >> thank you very much. bye-bye. >> coming up, national guard sending military humvees onto atlanta's highway system after ice and snow creates a huge nightmare. the latest on the rescue efforts to help all those stranded people get home and what the governor of georgia is saying about it now. a congressman goes off on a reporter and it's all caught on camera.
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fox news alert. believe it or not there's trouble for another cruise ship right now.
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a man apparently going overboard on the celebrity cruise "constellation" as it was celebrating back from mexico. a crew member finding a pair of shoes over the deck's railing. closed circuit camera captured the man going overboard. the man identified as a 45-year-old crew member serving as a cook. the biggest threat to metro atlanta area, commuters and rescuers having a hard time getting around them. national guard sending military humvees onto the snarled freeway system. the goal is to move stranded school buses and get food and water to students on them. can you believe that? when governor nathan diehl talked about why atlanta was so off-guard, he said this. >> national weather service had continually had their modeling showing the city of atlanta would not be the primary area where the storm would hit.
11:33 am
it would be south of atlanta. you already heard some of our agencies saying based on that modeling they had not brought in some of the resources earlier because they thought there were going to be other parts of the state that were going to be more severely impacted than metropolitan atlanta area. >> georgia state patrol sending troopers to schools where stranded children spent the night in classrooms with teachers to help get them home now. a congressman under fire today after he threatened a reporter on camera. michael grimm, a republican from new york going ballistic after asked about campaign finances against him during an interview that was supposed to be about the state of the union address. watch this
11:34 am
. >> i'll break you in half like a boy. today grimm apologized to the reporter and had this to say about his tirade. >> i'm sure my italian mother is going to be yelling at me saying you weren't raised that way and she's right. >> my women's panel joins me, power panel, news editor for and author. leslie gold, a radio talk show host and k.t. mcfarland is a fox news analyst. great to see all of you. imogene, i don't know if brits are more polite than americans or italians as michael grimm pointed out. did you take that as a huge threat? was that a huge mistake on his part? >> a huge pr fail. you do to a drugstore as a politician and the camera is on you. the state of the union. here is the thing, i didn't know about this guy until today. now i know up to no good,
11:35 am
finance problems, campaigns, a colorful private life which i've been reading about. really he blew this out of proportion. it's his own fault. >> well, he is from new york and saying i'll break you in half is like saying good morning. say that again i'll slap the teeth out of your mouth. no one takes it literally. no one thinks they will be beaten with the bloody end of your arm. most of the time they are right. >> unless that reporter was thrown off the balcony if he followed through whether or not he said. >> he blames mom. i've got five kids. i've been blamed for enough stuff. he blames mom. i think he's got a history with this guy. this is not a new topic for congressman grimm. frankly, if his staff saw what he was about to do, they should have grabbed him and said, come on, boss. >> yes or no, do you buy the apology. apparently representative grimm
11:36 am
says he wants to have lunch with the reporter. >> he has to say something that's as good as it's going to get. he has a past. there was apparently a relationship with a woman in a men's room. that doesn't go too well and finance is under investigation. so i'm buying it. does he mean it? he just wants to get out of the hot seat. >> speaking of lunch. get this, lady. date night for parents about to get a whole lot easier thanks to olive garden. partnering with my gyms across the country and picking up the tab for baby-sitting. here is how it works. drop kids off at my gym where it is ones enjoy a night of fun where mom and dad enjoy two for $25 dinner at the italian restaurant change. i don't know about you but i love that endless salad bowl with bread sticks. imogene, is this a good idea? get people to come out for date night? >> textbook pr success. goo on them. it's only for one night.
11:37 am
they are getting great pr out of it. you have to ask olive garden having problems recently, sales down .6% last year. this is the reason they are doing it. good for them. we're talking about it. >> you agree with it. >> such a great idea. great value proposition, great meal for two, plus baby-sitting. the only thing olive garden does is gas up your car. they couldn't make it more economical. >> you said you had five kids. imagine if they would have done that for you when they were little? >> seven days a week, 24/7, i probably would have left my kids for a long time. >> i hate to tell you. you can only leave them from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. >> in all seriousness. think what that means for middle class family. olive garden has gotten to be a pretty expensive night out. olive garden plus gas plus baby-sitting. >> a lot will take them up on this offer. all right, power panel.
11:38 am
time to check in with shepard smith live at the desk. back in new york? >> back in new york. we're now looking at a situation where a lawsuit may change college football as we know it. here is the story. football players at northwestern university, including this one, now say he want to unionize to get a piece of the team's profits. those players include this quarterback. he compares the current system to a dictatorship. of course college football is enormous business. here are examples. according to the magazine, texas longhorns made $82 million in profit even though rebels beat them by three touchdowns. alabama, $47 million. fighting irish, $46 million. we'll have responses from northwestern on all this. plus nca takes on the issue. what could this mean, really, for college football as we know it? that's ahead on shepard smith reporting at the top of the hour. >> thanks so much, shep. meantime reporting under way, on the docket, tax and turbans. is the military doing enough or
11:39 am
too much to ensure religious freedoms for those who serve. do you recognize this guy without his four super bowl rings? football legend and fox sports terry bradshaw in the studio to talk about the game. the not so secret cheerleaders handbook. you're going to talk about that?
11:40 am
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11:42 am
time to find out what america is clicking on. the end of the line for motley crue, heavy metal band calling it quits after their heavy middle tour ends next year. dan aykroyd sworn is as sheriff's deputy in hines city. while he won't be hunting gas, aykroyd said he'll use celebrity status to boost the public
11:43 am
profile of the department. bet he will. delta. >> if this happens reach up and pull a mask toward you until the tube is fully extended. >> with the 1980s-themed video, we remember that, featuring alf, used to love that snow, who needs help with oxygen mask. teddyruskin. all that hair. are you ready for football? i know i am. as we approach the weekend. jonathan martin speaking out about the harassment he faced from teammate richie incognito. he said in an interview he tried to be friends with incognito and other guys on the team but felt he had to leave when hazing went into the second season. >> i'm a grown man. i've been in loerk rooms. there's vulgar language. it's the persistence of it.
11:44 am
i wish i would have had more tools to solve my situation. i felt trapped like i didn't have a way to make it right. getting down to the point where i thought it was best to remove myself from the situation. >> terry bradshaw host of nfl sunday and my guest today. thanks for coming in, terry. >> thanks. >> this is very news worthy. jonathan martin has not talked about this at all. richie incognito gave that big interview officially. what do you make of it when you hear and feel his words that he felt trapped. >> well, a guy like that should have handled this long before it got out of hand, my opinion. locker rooms are unique. they are different. it doesn't make them right in relationships one-on-one with men. if you're having problems like that, that should have been handled long time ago and not to the case where it got to where he leaves the football team and incognito is kicked out.
11:45 am
it should have been handled properly. i have a hard time with a grown man not being able to handle his own issues. >> what about this report ted wells is working on. apparently this report about this whole incident is going to come out after the super bowl. what do you think it's going to say? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. i gave this a lot of thought, because it was a big issue a few weeks back. then it's like everything else, hot today and then you move on. so i don't know what's going to happen. i don't know. i'm interested, gretchen, to see -- >> if they ever play football again. >> supposedly slipped and said neither one would be back with the miami dolphins meaning one is a free agent and the other is on the roster and he had to retract that statement, which is wise. >> moving on. i know, terry, usually focus in on what's going on on the field with the players. new scuttlebutt about nfl
11:46 am
cheerleaders. >> they are on the field. >> how little they are paid. perfect topic for you. top secret oakland raiders cheerleaders handbook has been leaked to the "l. a. times." keep your eyes not on the screen, terry, to the interview. >> they are nice looking gals. >> we talked about this last week with geraldo. these cheerleaders are paid $125 a game. they are not paid for three rehearsals a week. they are suing. when you average that out, it's less than minimum wage, less than five bucks an hour. >> you ask yourself this, do you know you're being paid 125, not being paid for rehearsals. if you are, why are you complaining? you're out there being a cheerleader for the oakland raiders. they should have figured this out. that's kind of crazy to me. >> are you stunned that this is the first we're hearing about it? i am. >> i don't pay a lot of attention to cheerleaders. i mean, i appreciate cheerleaders. i had them in high school and
11:47 am
college. but i'm surprised it's come to a lawsuit. i am surprised about that. i am a little bit shocked. they go to work, i guess when lou at it she makes a very valid point. god bless her, with her action. >> i guess it's only the packers and bears who don't have -- >> steelers don't have cheerleaders. >> they don't either. >> never. to my knowledge, when i joined them in '70, never have had a cheerleader. >> you would know. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> a fact, some of my viewers may not know back when terry was lighting up the gridiron teammate and qb "duck dynasty's" phil robertson. >> there he is. >> i bet a ton of viewers don't know this. who was better? >> i was better. he was a starter. when i came in there freshman year, he was the starter. it was apparent to me right off the back he really didn't care anything about football. he'd rather hunt. he was always talking about
11:48 am
hunting. he nicknamed me blond bomber. he'd come in and had duck stuff hanging off him. he wore t-shirts, levis, green adidas, no socks all the time. he always had something animal stuck on him from where he slaughtered it. he would take me fishing, gretchen, put a sack over my head and make me lay in the bottom of the boat. he knew if we caught fish, i'd be back there in my boat. >> seems like the same character today. >> 6'2", 185, excellent. >> funny, you're one man show, my favorite dumb blond. i've been called that surprisingly. >> can't believe that. >> super bowl pick. >> i don't like to pick against either team. i'm picking seattle because of defense. i love peyton manning from louisiana. i don't want anybody to be mad at me on this. today is wednesday we're doing this. sunday i might change my mind.
11:49 am
golly, i don't want to pick. fox covers nfc and we have seattle. that's my reasoning. what else? >> sunday is the big game. you can only catch it on fox. pregame coverage of super bowl with terry and rest of the nfl sunday crew 2:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be tube side. kick off 6:30 eastern. terry, thanks so much for coming in. >> good to see you. >> love you. >> thank you, sweetie. the pentagon gets new marching orders for the dress code for religious leaders. what the chaplain has to say about the accommodation. the pope gets a reprieve from bird lovers? guess what magazine just pup the pope on the cover. you're going to be stunned. right back. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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welcome back, everyone. pope francis blessing a green parrot during his weekly audience in st. peter's square. even letting the bird perch on his finger later on. it's a far cry from the scene on sunday when the pope released two doves from the vatican balcony and they were attacked by a crow and sea gull. "rolling stone" magazine commenting the pope's status as a rock star featuring him on the cover along with an article "the times they are a changing." he's the first pope ever to appear on the magazine's cover. meantime the vatican denounced the portrayal of pope benedict. apparently the vatican not too happy with the fact he's on the cover, either. a very controversial issue with our military dress code. chief military chaplains testifying today discussing religious freedom for those who serve our country.
11:54 am
particularly members of sikh community. many feel new laws easing restrictions on dress code don't go far enough. some are worried about succumbing to political correctness. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live for us from the pentagon. the hearing was supposed to be about religious accommodation and comes on the heels of the decision by the pentagon last week to loosen restrictions on beards and turbans. what actually happened? >> well, gretchen, the congressmen today wanted to make sure that in essence the new regulations to accommodate minority religions in the military, to allow beards and turbans, that in doing so the department of defense is not forgetting to accommodate those who believe in christianity. >> it seems that in the military, people of my faith can get reprimanded for a statement as simple as one saying that my priorities in life are a commitment to my lord and savior, jesus christ.
11:55 am
>> i cannot give you an example of anyone that was reprimanded for expressing their religious belief. >> there were a large number of sikh members in the audience today who want the dod to go further than they did last week. they don't want commanders to have the final say about beards and turbans, gretchegretchen. >> the witnesses were chaplains from the various military branches. >> it's very interesting. because they couldn't come up with any examples. we've heard a lot of examples come up of these cases where christians weren't allowed to pray in certain ways or had been restricted in some ways. they couldn't come up with any examples of christians being told that they couldn't express their religious beliefs, gretchen. >> already. jennifer griffin reporting live for us on a very important topic. thank you. and we are continuing our coverage of the snowstorm that
11:56 am
shut down the south. atlanta this hour still trying to get things moving along. and real life vikings, not from minnesota. we'll tell you what's up with this burning boat. across the pond. obster? th our today's fresh fish menu, you can always catch fish fresh every day! wood-fe grilled, blackened, or roasted. eatingetter never tasted so gd! sea quality, s variety, sea food differently at red lobster. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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celebration of viking heritage taking place on the shetland islands. thousands of people marching through the streets and a rowdy fire festival halfway between norway and scotland. spectacular event getting under way despite nasty weather there. modern day viking warriors not about to let a little gail storm git in t get in the way of having fun. you guys are sounding off on olive garden's promotional idea offering free babysitting so parents can have a night out. rosemary tweeting i love this idea. better than $5 off coupons dinner for two. sippy wonders how can olive garden possibly make a profit if
12:00 pm
they pay for babysitting? we'll have to see. a lot of you did know the great terry bradshaw and his connection to phil robertson. yep. they played football together. you are all so smart. thanks as well for being a part of "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. now it's time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. more than 24 hours since the snow hit the south. and some drivers are still stuck in it. now some of the governors and mayors are going on the defense in the midst of disaster in dixie. let's get to. >> now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> man, alive. it is a horrible mess in the south. rescuers in military humvees are right now trying to still reach some drivers stranded after the snowstorm paralyzed much of the deep south. just a couple of inches is all it takes to create a disaster there if the timing is right, and it was. from atlanta to the carolinas, birmingham and parts of florida, an


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